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Diversity in Arts

[At the outset, let me place on record that my article in Deccan Chronicle (on 1 Dec, 2017) or other publications before or after have all been more about issues to be addressed clinically and strongly, as warranted, than about taking up the cudgels against any individual (as I have no ill-will at a personal level with any artiste or others).  Since a few people had communicated with me about a couple of aspects, I have touched upon a few more points here.] 

No art-form is exclusive.  Does it mean every art-form is inclusive?

In other words, does non-exclusive automatically translate to inclusive?  

Does any art-form have to be inclusive, even in theory?  

Answers will vary from person to person.

Can they be inclusive in practice?  For instance, are Villuppattu,Rajasthani Manganiar, Chinese, Persian inclusive or exclusive? 

Where does inclusivity begin and where does it end?  

One can keep doors open but it is the choice of every individual to …