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The Background

I have always been fascinated by the power of sound. Even as a child, I used to wonder how my own stress, depression or even physical head ache etc could vanish when I sang, played my instrument or heard good music. Later, I wondered how some kinds of music makes the opposite happen as well! It took me years to realise that it is not so much the individual who is singing or playing, it is not even so much about the style of music (classical, pop, jazz etc) that is being heard/rendered but much more fundamental laws of physics and nature that are involved in this. The scientific study and development of this area, which I termed as Musopathy (a la allopathy, homeopathy etc), can have an enormous positive impact on humanity. It is distinct from the fairly subjective Music Therapy that is offered by several Universities across the planet today. In other words, Musopathy is an approach to addressing health issues but through measurable musical factors in a scientific manner …