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Success through Inertia

Most of us blame inertia for not doing something or for not even feeling up to doing something, I ruminated on the negative spell this Newtonian Law of Physics seems to exert on peoples psyches all around.   It dawned upon me this morning that inertia is not responsible for only this pathetic apathetic state of mind.   It can as easily be tapped positively so that we end up doing a lot of things beneficial to ourselves or others.  In fact, millions have done it (and continue to do so) under various garbs.   What is inertia?  To paraphrase Newton, " An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction -  unless acted upon by an external force " .   This is as true for human minds and bodies too.  In fact, to a lesser degree, it is true for human  emotions too.   We see the victims all the time - sedentary people continue to revel in it day in and day out, alcoholics and other addicts continue to be so a