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Popularity vs Progress for aspirants & students

Popularity is an important initial (certainly not the final) step in the lives of those passionate about contributing widely and effectively.  Personal success in the eyes of many can certainly enable one to make a positive impact on so many lives, if used unselfishly. Let me hasten to add that numerous people have contributed before or even without getting popular during their lifetimes.  But a popular person can influence and inspire numerous people even without specifically setting out to do much for others - as shown by great legends in almost every era and arena.  With serious intent, a popular person so inclined can catalyse a lot of good things.  Popularity can be a tool that can enable one ability to popularise rare things of beauty or things of rare beauty; or create a whole system of values that can raise standards all around.  Take the case of sitar maestro Pt Ravi Shankar whose popularity not only enabled him to influence his chosen Hindustani classical but also had a posit

A complete system - Ravikiran with Sharada Ramanathan - The Hindu 12 April 2002