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The Dot-Connect Theory & Test

A few months ago, I was contemplating on association of ideas that people form and wondering how some are able to remarkably connect seemingly random things and come up with beautiful analogies or examples. This is a phenomenon we see in everyday life but it suddenly struck me that it is all so elegantly connected. This enabled me to come up with a hypothesis, which can perhaps be one of the models to visualize Information Processing and subsequent stages in the Mind. Doubtless several similar theories/hypothesis may have been put forth by specialists who have devoted much more time & energy on these subjects and also gained academic competence. I would also like to point out that the subject deals not so much with the Information Gathering of the brain , which includes Memory Formation, Pattern Recognition etc (involving such specialized things as pyramidal and stellate neurons of the cerebral cortex and the gating type and nucleus reticularis neurons of the thalamus) but more