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Fear factor in music

Fear is one of the most natural things in music for a lot of people. Some of the greatest artistes (or for that matter, sportsmen or people in other walks of life) face it too. Only two kinds of people are generally fearless – the highly ignorant or the immensely knowledgeable. Great artistes are great not because they are fearless but because they overcome it by dint of hard work in the right direction and mental preparation with the correct attitude. Types of fear During one’s musical journey, an analytical person will notice several kinds of fear along the path! A few of them are given below: • Fear of each note (mostly long sustained plain notes) – some more than the other like Sa, Pa, Ga3, (the major third note) or high notes like S, R, G, M • Fear of some phrases • Fear of other friends/family members listening or walking in as we practice • Fear of other students in class (even those that are not better than us!) • Fear of guru • Fear of stage and audience • Fear of mike (ho