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Law of Collective Inertia...

        [People from diverse fields (including social-scientists, psychologists, government and corporate leaders, who read my post on "Positive Inertia" gave me a very positive feedback on it, motivating me to think further on the subject.  I have shared just highlights here...] ======================== Isaac Newton used ' Inertia’ as a technical term and his law can roughly be paraphrased as  – “bodies tend to retain a given state of stillness or movement, unless an external force is applied”.     Albert Einstein had to redefine the concept of inertia in terms of geodesic deviation to postulate his General Theory of Relativity.  But this article doesn't deal with either of these gentlemens' concepts.   Instead, it focuses on the  colloquial (esp. philosophical) employment of the term and  creates its own set of laws!    The colloquial inertia doesn't necessarily collide with its scientific namesake, since both deal with "how bodies (livi