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Practice - I

I received numerous email queries from students of music after my earlier blog on Fear Factor , on more specific inputs about how to overcome it. Since this is a huge topic, I may write it in several parts. Is there a substitute for practice? Not one that I can think of - not even talent/genius, knowledge/scholarship, luck/even God’s grace. Those will supplement practice but be blunted with lack of practice. Even for God's grace, one must prove worthy of it! Anchor: Practice is the anchor of a truly solid artiste that can make him (or her) weather ill-luck, temporary loss of form, public or media fire, personal confidence crisis or similar storms. With perseverance and practice under good direction, one can overcome even lack of talent, genius, knowledge and scholarship. I have seen numerous people with good work ethics doing better than those endowed with the assets above. On the other hand, I have seen an umpteen number of talented and brilliant people leading unfulfilled or