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The C I D Mantra

(This is an article that I planned for my Blog but since Deccan Chronicle has recently commissioned me to write a few, I am merely sharing links to those published.)

The C I D Mantra Deccan Chronicle 1 - July 2013) A pre-teen disciple of mine asked me recently, "Sir, you have asked me to listen to various great artistes.  But who do you think is the best?" "That is a tough question," I parried.  "It's like asking which is the best fruit - mango, jackfruit, banana, grape etc.  Each one is fine but what you like depends on your own taste." "So is it always about 'A' being just different to 'B'? Is there nothing like A is better than B? How would I know if I heard an average artiste or a great artiste?" In a flash (after many years of rumination!) I got the answer.  "It's all about CID." "CID, sir? I love mysteries but I thought we were talking music!" "Oh, it is not that CID like police investigators,"…